How to Memorise the Lecture?

How to Memorise the Lecture?

Here we collect some 100% examined tips for all students who worry due to exam for the answer of how to memorise the lecture. Or the chapter or a note which is very difficult to memorise.

‘Tips’ For How to Memorise the Lecture?

1. Sentence or Story

2. Nemonics

3. Music

4. Teaching or picture

5. Mug up.

No. 1 Sentence or Story

When there is extreme boringness in the answer of any question to learn so there is a myth. For how to Memorise the Lecture? which is performed by 70 to 80% of people of our nation. which is called make it an story.

For example

You have to learn ” cloud in rain ”

So you make a sentence or story of C I R,

Like “Clip Is Red”.

Now it is no more difficult to memorise the sentence because the simple sentence we learned here. which can make us remember that cloud in rain for how to Memorise the Lecture?

No. 2 Nemonics.

If there is a problem in learning and story making idea is not working for you try another idea. For how to Memorise the Lecture? It is applied by 75% of people to learned headings etc. It is short term to memorise anything till exam date.

Make this thing a nemonic and mug that that short word or nemonic up. Like you want to memorise 7 colours of light which are “violet indigo green blue yellow orange red” don’t get stress and memorise all colours one by one but you can only memorise 1 word which is Vibgyor and it is the formula to memorise seven colours every word of vibgyor is the starting word of every colour.

No. 3 Music

If the note eassy or any lesson is a problem for and you are unable to solve by nemonic there is another way. But few people perform this activity because it is time taking tip. How to Memorise the Lecture? You can sing that lesson on a track of a music. In the leading of your favourite music or melody your mind get is as you are enjoying the track while in reality you learn your lecture which is excellent for your exam success.

No. 4 Brain Storming or Picturise

It is really difficult to become an student and study by a teacher under burden and teacher’s restrictions. But it is easy to become a teacher and freely teach an student their lesson. For how to Memorise the Lecture?When a teacher teach student anything the teacher at that time get that lesson clearly and deeply.

Therefore , you become a teacher and teach to imaginary student exact that lecture. which was very difficult to learn and teach that lesson by making a picture instead of writing and before exam look and memorise that picture in your mind instead of written lecture. It is really easy to write the correct lesson in your exam sheet.

No. 5 Mug up

Last but not least, there are many ways, tricks and ideas to memorise the lecture but if all are useless abd rubbish for you. Try the last idea which is comitted by 90% of students but they only are honest for their degrees and medals not for their futures.

For how to Memorise the Lecture?Open the lesson and read the sentence 5 time then read next sentence 5 times and then close your eyes and read the both sentence without book. Only read from your memory. It is the last method to learning your lessons.


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