Reasons for Sleep Paralysis: Cure, Treatment, Symptoms & Prevention

If you are searching for Sleep Paralysis Treatment, Symptoms, Causes and the Most Common Reasons for Sleep Paralysis to Cure. Then this Article is just for you! Sleep Paralysis is a parasomnia or a feeling when you are in your Senses but you’re unable to move your body parts. At this stage, your Senses and Brain are Active and fully working.

Reasons for Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis treatment and Symptoms


It is a condition in which a person undergoes in the “middle of awakening and falling asleep” situation. He can feel every thing in his surroundings, he can hear everything whats happening all around. But Simultaneously, he is in a Special Dream where he can hear whispers and noises. In this Stage of Dream Paralysis, The patient is unable to react i.e movement or speaking. He faces a pressure on his body and feels difficulty while breathing. He feels pain throughout his body. This results an abnormal fear of sleeping.

Reasons for Sleep Paralysis: Cure, Treatment & Symptoms

Reasons for Sleep Paralysis

Most of the People think that they have some “paranormal powers” Attacking on them.

And they spend a lot of money towards it.

Seriously people this is All Science.

Here are the Causes for Sleep Paralysis, Signs and symptoms:

  1. The inability to move the body when falling asleep or on waking, lasting for seconds or several minutes
  2. being consciously awake
  3. being unable to speak during the episode
  4. having hallucinations and sensations that cause fear
  5. feeling pressure on the chest
  6. having difficulty breathing
  7. feeling as if death is approaching
  8. sweating
  9. having headaches, muscle pains, and paranoia

Everyday non-threatening sounds, sensations, and other stimuli that the brain normally ignores become disproportionately significant.

Some feel a paranormal powers attack:

Reasons For Sleep Paralysis to Cure

reasons for sleep paralysis

  • The mental faculties of the person are intact, the person wants to move, but is unable to do so.
  • This can last for a few moments to many hours at a stretch.
  • People around the concerned person think they are asleep. There is no sign of any struggle on the person’s face or body as it is completely immobilised.
  • The person undergoing the paralytic attack is fully conscious and can hear people around but cannot call out for help.
  • Sometimes it is accompanied with a foul smell. The ghost does this through its black energy. The person perceives it through their sixth sense or extrasensory perception. Please read the article on sixth sense for a more detailed understanding on how we perceive smell, taste, vision, touch, hearing etc. through our subtle sense organs.
  • The attack is generally carried out by a ghost from any region of Hell.
  • The duration of the attack is decided by the ghost’s spiritual strength, how far it intends to cause distress to the person and the spiritual prowess of the affected person.
  • In some instances people feel a vibration effect. The vibration is indicative of an abortive or incomplete process of immobilization by the ghost.

Why do ghosts cause Sleep paralysis?

There are 4 main reasons why they attack or possess a person.

  • Seeking revenge
  • Trying to satisfy their desires or cravings
  • To gain pleasure from troubling others
  • To torment seekers of God


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Sleep paralysis may occur on its own. It is not necessarily a sign of any problems. Sleep paralysis may also be related to medical conditions, including migraine (anxiety disorders), obstructive sleep apnoea a long-term brain disorder called narcolepsy. People with narcolepsy have extreme daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep, regardless of circumstances.

Sleep paralysis is also linked to:

  • not getting enough sleep (sleep deprivation) or having regular disturbances to sleep such as shift work
  • Irregular sleep patterns for example those experienced by shift workers or students, or because of jet lag
  • family history of sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis Cure: How to Get Rid of Sleep Paralysis?

1. Try new Positions of sleep.

2. Doctors suggest antidepressant medicine which reduces sleep paralysis slowly.

3 Be sure you are getting Enough sleep

4. Do morning Yoga

5. Meditation is a blessing it is helpful to stop this disorder.

What others do with the patient?

1. Apply Holly Aish and Holly water on the patient.

2. Give the patient of + sign Locket as Helping symbol of Merciful Jesus Christ.


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However, some cases of ISP and RISP involve a genetic factor—which means some people may find sleep paralysis unavoidable. Practicing meditation regularly might also be helpful in preventing fragmented sleep, and thus the occurrence of sleep paralysis. There may also be a greater rate of microscopical while sleeping in the supine position because there is a greater amount of pressure being exerted on the lungs by gravity. Sleeping in the supine position is believed to make the sleeper more vulnerable to episodes of sleep paralysis because in this sleeping position it is possible for the soft palate to collapse and obstruct the airway.


What are the Symptoms you see with Sleep Paralysis (Yours or Someone who you may know)?

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