9 Weeks – 12 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Symptoms Week-by-Week


So Mommy, you are going to become a 3 months pregnant mom, this your 1st trimester pregnancy. In this Article you’ll learn about your baby developments from 9 weeks pregnant to 12 weeks pregnant. But did you know that by 12 weeks pregnant., your teeny-tiny little Baby is going to be doubled the size since previous month?

Yes this is true and we are going to discuss about your Baby development week by week below.


This question is very very important to get answered about. Check the link below that gives you a BEST diet plan for 1 trimester of your Pregnancy week by week.


Lets learn more about 3 months pregnant Symptoms starting from 9 weeks pregnant to 12 weeks pregnant.



If you are 9 Weeks Pregnant, Your teeny-tiny baby is growing and become a Size of MACARONI.

Some Moms face dehydration in their first trimester. Which is very Harmful for both Baby and Mommy. because it results constipation and Your baby’s Survival comes in danger. So prepare for it and keep it discussed with your Gynecologist about this concern.

Once your baby position becomes upside down in the womb. Your must start the precautions immediately. Because remember that your baby is just a size of a Macaroni. The carelessness may cause a miscarriage. You can take a good care and be aware while walking. Bending yourself down-up or Left-Right. This precaution you should continue during the entire pregnancy week by week.

Avoid dehydration by taking cucumber and melon in diet. Drink more and more water as much as you can. This is to excrete waste from body as well as prevent your blood to be thick.



As soon as you are 10 Weeks Pregnant, Your teeny-tiny baby become a Size of KUMQUAT.

Very soon from now, your baby is going to finish its Development Phase. And will Start his/her GROWTH phase and the time is not far away Moms. The growth phase will be started by the very End of this TRIMESTER.

At this stage when you are 10 weeks pregnant. Your Baby’s body has been fully completed and heart has started pumping. And by ultrasound radiations you can trace the Pure Movements and hear the heartbeat of baby. So highly concentrate on ultrasounds & tests which your doctor suggested you to do. Then take your medicines of Iron, calcium and Vitamins regularly on time.

Be noted that if you are taking Iron dose in every morning. then the Calcium dose must be taken at the night time. Don’t take iron and calcium at one time, must take 4 to 5 hour break between iron and calcium doses because both stimulate to finish the benefits of one another. Keep this Iron-Calcium combination in your diets and consumption.



If you entered the 11 Weeks Pregnant, Your baby’s size is about 1 1/4 inches long.

Most often, people avoid to take Medicines and take Fruits instead. But if your doctor suggests you a medicine then don’t avoid the medicine. There is no doubts that Fruits have natural ability of treatment. Neither they have any side-effects and intake of fruit is best for a new mother. But medicines are specially designed to target particular issues. And to treat the deficiencies in the limited time of pregnancy.

In this week you may also need a nuchal translucency test. in which you come to know about Down’s syndrome risk. also you must know about other abnormalities risk like abnormality in Blood circulation rate. Meds are best to avoid having these abnormalities.



Welcome to the LAST WEEK OF FIRST TRIMESTER You are now 12 Weeks Pregnant. And your baby has started looking even more like a Human having a size of up to 2 inches long.

His / Her face is clearly a Human face when it is only 2 INCHES long. Isn’t is Amazing?

You are now a 3 months pregnant mother. At this stage your gynecologist can teach you how to point your finger on your belly. to feel your little one actually MOVING. Its an amazing feeling ever. Your cleavage spurred by progesterone hormone and estrogen. And milk producing glands in your breast soon going to be started producing milk.

Sometimes women suffer with diabetes in their Pregnancy. It is said that if you have a diabetes once in your pregnancy, it remains with you forever. But a pregnancy diabetes in not much harmful. because it has very light intensity on your body. Its seriousness is not as high as a normal diabetic patient.

So ladies, avoid consuming a lot of sweets. Don’t eat sweet dishes and be aware of diabetes and take your doctor’s guide for it. If you get into diabetes for some reason it would be harmful through out your pregnancy. Because if your sugar level increases. Your baby’s sugar levels gets low. Similarly, Your Baby’s sugar levels get higher in response to the Lower sugar levels of yours. So take it with normal quantity, because a low levels or high levels of sugar may Cause miscarriage.


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Are you 12 weeks Pregnant?

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