Ovulation Cycle | Am I Pregnant? Check Via Pregnancy Test

Actual Question is come up in mind What is Ovulation Cycle and Menstrual Cycle?

After knowing we will be able to know the importance of Ovulation Date as well as Ovulation Cycle. Ovulation is the right time to be pregnant or conceive a Baby.

Actually It is the Phenomenon in which the Mature Egg is released out from Ovary into an organ Fallopian Tube. To understand this you have to look the diagram of uterus.

What is Ovulation Cycle?

ovulation cycle

You can see two ovaries on right and left sides every month one egg produces in one ovary. One Month right ovary then next month in left ovary. When egg become matured it breaks its shell then released out and captured by Fallopian tube. which are similar to limbs. It bring egg to the uterus after gripping the egg. There egg meets to sperm then Fertilization occur.

The Egg is released in one time in a cycle or month from the ovary. and it lifetime in body is only between 12 to 18 hours. it means You have one little opportunity only 12 to 18 hours to meet your mature egg in whole month after it wait for next cycle ovulation. while sperm remain alive in the body till one week.

Cycle period depends on 28 days, It may vary to 21 to 36 days but standard cycle is of 28 days. There are some methods to find out the ovulation days.

Methods of Detect the Ovulation Days:

1) Calendar Method

Select the date of 1st day of your Menstrual Period. Then Select the date before next coming menstrual period first day. For suppose the first day date is 1st of the month You observe sometime cycle is of 28 days sometimes is of 29 days while sometime is of 30 days, Now subtract the least days of cycle from 18, then subtract least days of cycle from 11.


28-18= 10

28-11= 17

10-17 Now you get the date of Ovulation. its mean You have 10 to 17 days of Ovulation which are in mid point of your cycle.

Cycle is from 1st date to 28th date of the month while the mid point of the cycle is the date 9 to 16. Date 9 to 16 is of the days of Ovulation.

2) Cervical Mucus

After menstrual days there is a whitish translucent jel like material in your vegina. It vary everyday some time becomes thin while sometime become thick. Mark those days in which it become much slippery with thickens. Those marked days in whole month are said to be Ovulation Days.

3) Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Generally your body has a normal temperature but in ovulation days temperature rise.

Mostly Women check body temperature by different instruments, mostly women check this temperature by keep the thermometer directly into vegina while some take readings by below the tongue.

before Ovulation

96-97 F

35.6-36.7 C

after Ovulation

97-99 F

36.1-37.2 C

make a graph of bbt of whole month where graph shows high rate of bbt there your time to be Ovulated traced.

4) Ovulation Test Kit (OTK)

Mostly women buy this kit to trace the days of ovulation.

Take a urine fresh sample after 5 hours of break of washroom then dip the strip from where it is marked, if two lines are appeared it means the Ovulation Days has been Started.

5) Ovulation Date Calculator

Ovulation Cycle

Doctors recommends that the ten days which come the very middle point in your month are the ovulating days for example 10th of the month your periods start, the 10 to 20th date days are starting days then 30th to 10th next month date days are Ending days, so the very middle days are in between 20th to 30th date of the month & these days are known as Ovulation Days.

6) Infertility Treatment

If your cycle is totally irregular and disturbed with the diference of 30 to 60 days the time to get to be worried. Consult a doctor, he suggests you some sex hormones test which are:

Progesterone test

Follicle stimulating FSH test

Leutinising Hormone LH test

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