Am i Pregnant? If you Just Found it, This Should be for you!

Am i Pregnant?

Am i Pregnant? Did you Just Found it? Well, Pregnancy is a Feeling of Love which is a Real blessing of God. Generally Period of pregnancy is divided in three trimesters.

1) First Trimester which contains Starting 13 Weeks.
2) Second Trimester Contain Later 13 Weeks means from Week 14 to Week 26.
3) Third Trimester contain later 13 Weeks means from Week 27 to week 39.

What is Trimester? Why Pregnancy Period is divided in three trimesters?

A trimester is period of 13 weeks it take around 3 months.

It is divided in three categories on the basis of development and growth of Fetus (Baby under mother belly). To verify the true development and growth the observation take place by doctors by different checkups, ultrasounds and tests.

Believe and Delivery:

Mostly people believe that pregnancy contain 9 months, According to 9th month in minor or false pain expected women thought that dilivery time has come but actually before 36 weeks it is not possible, in case time come and baby is dilivered, the baby would be premature or not healthy to survive without his old little world (mother’s belly) thatswhy new moms are advised to follow Trimesters pattern precautions, excercise and diet.

Why ultrasound is not harmful for fetus or baby?

Many of Old people think that the ultrasound rays and radiations are harmful for baby development so they avoid and said that old mothers used not to apply ultrasound method never the less they remain healthy also dilivered healthy baby. They don’t have knowledge how impure is everything now a days to Take!

Actually The mother is internally weak many defeciencies are found in body except it the side effects of turn over, lay beside or lay down over abdomen, eating papaya or caffeine or coldrink effect negatively in baby completion, development, health and growth! to overcome harmful effects of above mentioned types of activities and diet the ultrasound recommended after every four weeks, atleast after every trimester in case there is a lack of an organ (body part missing) of fetus (baby under belly) the mother would be treated by medicines quickly to defend baby from these lackings, disease and deficiency issues.

Ultrasound Main Purpose:

Ultrasound is a safe method for a pregnant woman. Actually the ultrasonic rays are not Harmful but the ultra voilet rays are totally harmful for mother, fetus as well as newborn.

The main purpose of ultrasound is to verify the embryo (baby) development, its Growth, its movement and its Position. Any doctor or expert can tell you round about these things but ultrasound give accurate answers to all these questions. Also heart beat of Fetus (baby under belly) is traced by ultrasonic rays if the heartbeat is normal both the mother and fetus are under safe mode if heart beat is high or very low the case is rare and under danger zone.

Time from Conception to Dilivery:

A Memoriable Time from postive strip test to First Cry of baby is full of emotions and happy thoughts. The moment when mother listen first time heartbeat of baby, the time when you watch the blurred little body in ultrasound snap, the moment you get the Dilivery date, the time when you go to shopping for your little expected one is the great time!

When your loving partner help you to move your heavy body and guide you to take care of yourself. The moment when Life Partner dreams with you to play with Your Little One is the enjoying time after the birth of your baby this time just becomes a memory because those dreams become reality, you blessed and you became Parent of your World Cutest Baby!


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