Reason why Dollar is increasing day by day? Its so weird!

According to Karachi News Desk, The Process of decreasing Pakistani Currency Pkr Value is continue. In the Beginnings of Business week, the rate of dollar once again increased, in the Result the 1 Dollar Reached up to the High Level and Value became 131 Pakistani Rupees.

Why Dollar is increasing

Pakistan Economy is Facing a Shock in the raising rate of dollar. According to Media Reports, at the beginning of week of Business the 50 Paisa increased in dollar under Inter bank Market. In Inter bank Market the dollar become 128.50 Rupees.

Whereas In the Open market the dollar become 131 Rupees Which is the Highest Value Ever in the History of Pakistan. Chances of raising rate have predicted increasing more.

Experts said that it would be reached up to 135 Rupees. Due to Raising rate, the Flood of Cost Inflation will be Confronted by our Public.

Why Dollar is increasing

That was a fourth upgrade or Increment in the Last Business Week. The President of Forex Association said that Increment impacted negatively. According to a Report some kind of International Mafia or Opposite Party played a role in Increment in which the five Parties of Pakistan are also included with that opposite Party because Mafia Appears in market of Our Country one day before dollar rate increment to gain profit then disappears after dollar upgrade.

Actually the Mission of Lowering the dollar has been started. Meeting was held in London in which the Pak Federal Minister, Pakistan Six bankers, Pakistan Economic Head Groups and Two Personalities of International Federals were involved.

In the Meeting, As the Solution for this Issue They suggested a Rule and they Allowed that the the Money would return after three months From upgrade time and In Returning under three months, the money would be charged in old rates of dollars.

Why Dollar is increasing

At the Time when Mission was Started, the Rate was 115 Rupees of Pakistan was equivalent to 1 Dollar. At that spot, Opposite Party started to collect Dollar from Market. It is concluded that Two things are Cleared in Mafia Plannings:

1) It harms to Pakistan Economy.

2) It Increase the Loans of Pakistan.


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