Facebook vs Youtube | Is this a Digital World War? Truth Reveals

Youtube is giving a real tough time to Facebook in the race, because Youtube is the king of Global Video sharing sites, which is the strongest tool to engage Audience. on the other hand Facebook is a Social Media hub, which is another largest tool to engage Audience, so “Facebook Vs Youtube” is a thrilling battle in the digital world.


Facebook Vs Youtube

According to news desk, Facebook is highly acceptable website in the World. The login ratio on Facebook is unbelievable and super amazing. The number of facebook users are more than the total population on this planet, Its monthly users are 2.2 Billions But don’t conclude your results so fast. The sources predict that Youtube might WIN this “Facebook Vs Youtube” battle.


Facebook Vs Youtube

The 2nd contestant of “Facebook Vs Youtube” battle is YouTube. It has the total number of Youtube Subscribers has reached up to 1.9 Billions, while the total duration of youtube videos watched has reached up to 18 Million Hours, Which is an extra ordinary number for someone to imagine.

Susan Wojcicki the CEO of Youtube announced the above credentials about Youtube Subscribers. Videos watch time and other related records such as Comments, likes/ dislikes and chats has 60% increased. Similarly live streaming ratio is increasing 10% compring previous year. And Tab post clicks are engaging up to 6 Millions People.

Facebook Vs Youtube

“Story” is the new improved option introduced for the youtube users, while another new matching tool is going to be introduced in the site soon. Another new dashboard interface is under construction which enables a feature to Limit the watch time of viewers.


Hold your breath, because “Facebook Vs Youtube” is not the only rivals here, Another competitor is considered to be available soon and will be entered in the race, Which is WHATSAPP. It is said that after the Facebook, whatsapp application is also joinging this race soon. The number of Whatsapp users are 1.5 Billion at the moment. And it is has till now become an essential app for everyone who carry an smart phone.

The stats below clearly shows the graph of competition of Facebook Vs Youtube as well as other competitions;

digital media compatitors

Youtube has come under a danger zone due to a continuous increase in the use of Whatsapp. Considering all these factors all these social media sites are struggling day in and day out be the No. 1 social media tool for every user to connect.

In the end, video is video. That said, if you are looking to maximize all of your media and advertising posts, you should ensure to optimize your videos based on the platform.

Give it a shot and leave your reviews in the comments about Facebook Vs Youtube battle. Tell us who will WIN this battle? Is this Really a Digital World War?



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