5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019 and Beyond

5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019 and Beyond

The Endless animated comedy Cartoon series “The Simpsons” is still being watched for some good reasons. The Simpsons is about 30 years’ old Cartoon series which is a reflection of day to day American family life. The production team for this cartoon series wisely discuss the Political and social issues. Fans are crazily impressed with how this unpredictable cartoon series was intelligently able to predict the future. And to be honest with you it really does. Let’s have a look on the 5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come true in 2019 and beyond.

Some Shocking Simpsons Predictions Already Come True:

Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019

Disney’s took over Fox, Donald Trump becoming President for United States, Lady Gaga performing in a Super Bowl and the FIFA scandal for corruption.

But this is not it, the series continues to predict future cleverly and some scenes from the series still give us the clues to become upcoming future for 2019 until 2022 that have yet to come true. Below are the 5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come true in 2019 and beyond.

1. Prediction Come True 2019: Giant companies are going to terminate the growth of green energy

5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019

In one of the Simpsons episode named “Paths To Glory” Lisa invents a solar-powered Car for a competition. As soon as she reaches finish line, someone from powerful opponents blocked her before she crosses the finish line. Due to which the crowd started laughing and mocking Lisa for this act.

The message obtained from the episode is how the giant companies are trying to ruin the growth of green energy. This prediction may be actually happening at present. An article from New York Times explains how companies in power or with authorities are taking advantage of the old monopoly protection law. Hence it has become the 1 out of 5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019.

2. Shocking Simpsons Prediction, Human will be able to reach to Mars as well as to Venus

5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019

Lisa signs a one day trip to Mars in one of an episode of “The Simpsons”. She had some volunteers along with her. Lisa and her crew arrive in Mars by 2051 and afterward Lisa wanted to have a trip to Venus.

SpaceX is a project for which “Elon Musk” is currently working with. Traveling to Mars has become surely possible in the near future. Number 2 in the list of 5 Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019 and Beyond.

3. Music will control Human mind to communicate

Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019

A Simpsons episode named “New Kids On The Blecch” presents a boy music band, where Ralph, Bart, Nelson and Millhouse are members. I take it as a scariest prediction of the Simpsons series. Because we see that the US Navy uses the boy band to convey subliminal messages through music. The chorus “Drop Da Bomb” has the lyrics “Yvan Eht Nioj” spelled backward is “Join The Navy”.

Fans feel that this will happen with the exposure of tuning high frequency effects in music.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes US president, Shocking Simpsons Prediction

One of the Shocking Simpsons Predictions Come True in 2019 is from the Episode called “Bart To The Future”. Shows Donald Trump becoming a president of United States and finishes his tenure with US budget dwindling. Trump’s presidency has come true already. Hence n “The Simpsons Movie 2007”, there is a scene where the President Arnold Schwarzenegger is making corporate decisions for the country after an environmental catastrophe hit Springfield.

There is a dispute in that prediction. According to the law for becoming a president for United States, one has to be a natural-born citizen of US. Simpsons Fans have an argument that a natural-born citizen does not necessarily mean that one must born in the United States. Neither the term “natural born citizen” is defined in the Constitution clearly.

5. Mass automation will take the place of Human Capital globally

THE SIMPSONS: Mr. Burns replaces all of the Springfield Power Plant’s employees with robots

In the recent Simpsons episode from 2012, Mr. Burns invented Robot machines to take the place of his human workforce. There was only one Human left who was Homer, who take care the entire operation. In the current era of technology there are multiple firms relying on robots and machines. But in the near future, robot automation will replace lawyers and journalists. Several food services, such as Little Caesar’s, use robotic arms for spreading dough, adding toppings and baking in the oven.

What do you say about those Predictions?


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