7 Most Beautiful Insects In The World | Beauty Of Nature

7 Most Beautiful Insects In The World | Beauty Of Nature

Insects are the only organism on this planet which comes with the largest Variations in their Creation. It Makes them Unique and Beautiful Creatures on Earth. Insects comprise some of most beautiful groups of creatures in the world includes butterflies, moths, bees, dragonflies and beetles. Here we have collected the 7 Most Beautiful Insects In The World. See the Beauty Of Nature by the following beautiful creatures.

1. Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa Rubicunda)

Rosy Mapple Moth Most Beautiful Insects In The World

In the List of Most Beautiful Insects In The World Rosy Maple Moth comes on Number 1. People typically think of moths as pests and try to keep them away from their homes. Those people clearly have never met Dryocampa rubicunda, also called the rosy maple moth.

This colorful arthropod is found in the eastern regions of North America, and soon, it will be making its way into your heart.

2. Glass Winged Butterfly (Greta Oto)

Glass Winged Butterfly Most Beautiful Insects In The World

Have you ever met Greta Oto known as Glass Winged Butterfly.? This Beautiful butterfly has the clear tissues that make up the wings Colorless. It does not contain the color-producing scales present in most butterfly wings. As a result, the tissue does not absorb or scatter much light, instead letting most of it pass through.

Not much light is reflected, either, due to microscopic structures on the surface called ‘nanopillars’. The nanopillars have a random distribution of sizes and positions.

3. Common Bluebottle (Graphium Sarpedon)

Common Blue Bottle - Most Beautiful Insects In The World

Graphium sarpedon is primarily an inhabitant of moist, low-level rain forest (below 1600 m (5000 ft)). In these elevations it is usually seen flying just above the tree canopy. The larvae of the common bluebottle feed on trees of the laureul family, which includes the cinnamonn tree, and have expanded their range to include cinnamon tree plantations. In eastern Australia, they have adapted to a drier sub tropical environment, and are commonly seen in suburban gardens in Queensland and Bew South whales.

4. Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis)

Blue Dasher

The blue dasher is a dragonfly Scientifically named Pachydiplax longipennis. The Blue dasher is in the Skimmer family Libellulidae. The largest and showiest dragonfly family, and it’s the only member of its genus. Its range stretches across North America from British Columbia to Ontario, south (except for the Rockies and Dakotas) to California and Florida, with scenic side-trips into Mexico, the Bahamas, and Belize.

5. Atlas Moth (Attacus Atlas)

Attacus atlas

They are named as Atlas moths after either the titan of greek mythology (due to their size) or their map-like wing patterns.

Their silk is secreted as broken strands and is therefore less desirable. This brown, wool-like silk, known as fagara, is thought to have greater durability. Atlas moth cocoons are sometimes used as small pocket change purses in Taiwan.

The Japanese subspecies A. a. ryukyuensis, native to Yonaguni in the Yaeyama island, may have served as inspiration for the movie monster Mothra.

6. Silkworm moth (Bombyx Mori)

Silkworm moth Most Beautiful Insects In The World

Silkworms are native to northern China where they’ve been domesticated to produce raw silk. The silkworm moth (or silkmoth) is an all-white creature with a very hairy body, and it has lost the ability to fly. There are many legends about how the insect’s silk was originally discovered. In one ancient tale, a cocoon fell into an empress’s tea. As she picked it out, silk began wrapping around her finger and she recognized the cocoon as the source of the silk.

7. Western Horse Lubber (Taeniopoda Eques)

Taeniopoda eques Most Beautiful Insects In The World

That was in August of 2009, our first summer on this acreage. This transplanted Montana cowboy was used to diamondback rattlesnakes, but the Arizona desert southwest still held a few surprises. The Mojave green rattlesnake, for one, my first encounter with one of those being still a few weeks in the future.

Man, that had to be the grandaddy of all plug-ugly grasshoppers.

Now, three years later, I’ve gotten used to them. They no longer push my hurl reflex. But I still wouldn’t want my sister to marry one.



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