15 Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain | Find Secrets About Your Brain

15 Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain | Find Secrets About Your Brain

Do You Believe what you see? You better not. A Normal Human Brain can also get tricked. Do you know the Secrets of your brain? We have researched about 15 Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain. You are going to be shocked like never before. These Pictures help you to understand about your personality, The way of thinking and perspective. These 15 crazy pictures presents the psychological behavior of Your mind as well as your brain.

look at the Pictures and Understand, remember you’re going to trick your own brain..

1. A Moving Square or 4 Lines Moving Randomly

Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain

Here is the Most irritating Visual Trick for your Brain. Did you understand what is happening here?

The Answer is: If you focus only on 1 line at a time, you’ll realize that the lines are moving in the same pattern. As soon as we hide the Edges. The 4 Lines makes a joint together and Seems like a square moving as a round. This is just an illusion of your brain.

If your Brain also see an Square moving in a Round, it means you are also tricked.! But don’t worry it is Very Normal you don’t have to consult a mental doctors yet. But this Picture scores 1st in the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain.

2. Challenge: Name the Color Of Each Word

(Example: First Color is Green not Yellow) Name all the colors in this way, Don’t Read any Word!

How to confuse your brain

I know You Can’t and this is Absolutely Normal. But this picture ranks #2 in the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain.

Lets find out why is it happening here;

Did you realize that your Brain can not Lie to You.? You are pushing your brain to Say RED to the word which is Actually written as BLUE. And your brain is like Come on dude Why should i say it RED when i know Its Blue. 😀

For your Brain, What you READ is more important than what you SEE. You need a lot of practice to say the color name of each word in the Picture. But i suggest don’t do it. Your brain might go crazy afterwards.

3. A Weird Chair


This is a picture to confuse your brain. A chair looks like facing front to the Screen but it is actually Facing back to the Screen. When the guy changes the chair position then your brain all of a sudden realizes that we just fooled it.

However this picture ranks #3 in the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain.

4. A Confusion Dress

Guess the Color of the Dress. Is it Black & Blue or White & Gold in Color? Here comes #4 in the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain

How to confuse your brain

This is the matter of Left and Right Brainers. Left brainers can think at a micro levels of any core complications, Whereas Right brainers are usually Strategic Planners. Because they can think at Macro Levels for any Grand implementations. For any company Both Brains are Equally important.

Left Brainers: If you See white Gold Dress then you Logic, practicality, statistical data, analytical thinking, technical problem-solving, proposal evaluation, arithmetic projections, procrastination, structured resistance, laconia, and pessimism.

Right Brainers: Whereas You see Black blue dress Its mean You are Enthusiasm, creativity, visualization, humor, aggressive response, impulse actions, upbeat feelings, analogies, allegories, rhythm, and optimism.

5. Guess Which Way Train Moving?

How to confuse your brain

Your brain understand everything what your Eyes shows. This moving Train Picture is a trick for your Brain to guess which way its actually moving.

So this picture Wins the 5th position in the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain.

6. Keep Your Eyes At Cross & See the Magic!


Have you seen Ghosts Faces in the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain.? This pictures is Confusing your brain by showing 2 Faces at the same time. When you see in the Middle, it means that you are not focusing on any specific Picture. Therefore the two Faces on the Left and the Right mixes up all together. Which develops some funny faces in our brain.

7. What Did You See At 1st Impression?

Did you see Black Lines only when you saw this picture first?

Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain

If You see Black lines first its mean your mind is Intuitive, Innovative and versatile. You type of personalities are occasionally absent minded. Your focus mainly on comedy and mini story. Magazines articles that use a lot of colorful pictures. Interests are imaginary poetic prose.

However You see Jesus Christ first its mean your mind is logical, reliable and self lubricant. You are math and science minded person. In fact You are a Good Planner.

8. A Flying Boat?

Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain

No this is not. This is another Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain. This is a Brain illusion. The boat looks like its in the Air because or two reasons.

1) We can not see the Water Moving in the picture. That is why our brain thinks that the Boat is not on the Water Surface.

2) The land is reflecting a shadow of the Boat due to which our brain thinks that the boat is above the Surface.

9. A Guy Falling From the Building

Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain

These guys Used Camera effects beautifully.

for a Second you feel like how can she ride a Bicycle on the tiny corner of the Wall?

Hence the List of Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain, this picture ranks number 9.

10. A Picture in the Picture Trick

I dont think you’ll understand the picture within 10 seconds. So take your time and understand. And if you want to save your time, then Read about this picture below the picture!

Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain

A picture showing a Photographer taking a Picture of a person Holding a Picture. And at the same time another guy in the Picture holding a Same picture. Which is just taken by the Photographer in the picture. The weird part is that the Picture in the Picture showing the Real Time moment for both guys.

This is actually an Edited picture which is edited by someone at the level of perfection.

11. An Old Women Or A Young Lady?

Crazy pictures to confuse your brain

If You see Young Woman Its You have Sequential mind, Your brain focuses in facts and figures. The Brain of yours learn things by competition of statistics and examples. You are somehow narrow minded. You have tricky mind.

However You See Old lady its mean you have strong future imaginations, simultaneous, holistic and fond of music. You are broad minded. You focus on appearance and impressions.

12. A Bear or a Mountain?

Crazy pictures to confuse your brain

If You See Triangle mountain its mean you are Problem Solving, Simplifying and Time saving personality. You work with perception and conception.

In other words, You see a Vine Logo its mean you are Analytical, Binder and Your mind is flow aid type. You work with Understanding and Meaning.

13. A Girl Face Or A Peacock

Crazy pictures to confuse your brain

As a Matter of Fact, If You See a Peacock Its mean you don’t believe in emotions and Feelings you are just realism predominant. You are Active and Technical minded.

However While You see a Girl Face its mean you are thoughtful, subjective and Interested in Art and Creativity. You are non functional in a straight pattern.

14. A Women Or Flowers

Crazy pictures to confuse your brain

If You see a woman First Its mean you are emotional, cost lowering minded and consistent. You prefer Fiction and Abstract meaning.

Wherease You see Flowers first Its mean You are Disintegrent, Proven and think about quality. You prefer non fiction and literal meaning.

15. 2 Guys Holding Hands?

Crazy pictures to confuse your brain

Well, for a Second you brain sparks and make you smile for what you just saw. However This is an Image where the Picture is taken in such a way that looks like they 2 guys Holding hands. In the background of the two guys there are 2 Kids holding hands which you can see in the picture.


We hope that you Liked the 15 Crazy Pictures Confuse Your Brain and the Secrets About Your Brain. However you may share your feedback and thoughts about this article in the comments.



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