How to Prepare Yourself for Labor | 5 Preparations For Delivery

Preparations For Delivery: How to Prepare Yourself for Labor and Delivery

Are you ready for a Healthy baby and Healthy delivery?

Here are some helpful tips to prepare yourself for baby’s arrival:

Discus with your partner and friends it will be helpful. Check the Pregnancy Section of Zebrahow Magazine regularly to be aware of the preparations for Delivery. These Guidelines are must for Healthy delivery and healthy baby.

Some Useful Tips:

Preparations For Delivery: How to Prepare Yourself for Labor and Delivery

1. Baby and Mom stuff.
2. Squat, walk and oil in lower area (belly and vagina).
3. Dates, hot soup and avoid cold (cough).
4. Positive Thoughts and meditation(deep breath during pain).
5. Clean Your home (Pet germs and smoke free).

1. Baby and Mom stuff

• A Breast Pump and Baby Bottles.
• Newborn Diapers and Towel.
• A Crib, Bassinet, or Co-Sleeper.
• Swaddle Blankets.
•Newborn Car Seat.
• Maxi Pads and Ice Packs.
• Nursing Bras for breastfeeding.
• Burp cloths and Bips.
• A Water Bottle and Some Fruit.
• Freezer meals for you.
check here for its detail []

2. Squat, Walk and Oiling

How to Prepare Yourself for Labor and Delivery

Squatting is the best activity in 9th month for easy delivery it helps to stretch and loosens the muscles of vagina for baby withdraw time. Also daily two times 30 minutes walk is suggested by doctors to 9th month Pregnant women because it helps to bring Baby in lower area of your body to health and quick delivery.
Oiling in your vagina in whole 8 and 9th month is the best helpful instruction to open the vaginal and cervical area at the delivery time. On the other hand it prevent you to many stitches at your cervics after delivery.
Apply olive oil in your belly button it becomes the baby fully slippery to fast withdraw.

3. Useful And Harmful Food


This fruit is enough to provide a full energy to women for withdraw a baby. It has Iron and Vitamins at the time delivery women lack or need blood or hemoglobin so the lack is overcome by this fruit.

Hot Soup:

The natural soup of chicken or light meal is best to given to a Pregnant women. Women who breastfeed her baby because she needs a lot of healthy food due to feed her baby due to weakness of giving birth her baby. The newborn is weak and totally depend upon the Breast feed milk So mother become Healthy by real natural soup of light meat.


cold drink, cold water and cold foods before delivery because it cause cough which become the cause of severe bleeding and pain in your stitches and take more time to dry and recover your stitches.

4. Deep Breathing Practice

How to Prepare Yourself for Labor and Delivery

Positive Thoughts, meditation and deep breathing is greatly work. When pain of delivery starts deep breathing help your baby in breathing because at pain time. Mostly baby lack oxygen and dies at delivery time in delivery pains. So do daily deep breath exercise for practice of delivery.

5. Pet-Free and Smoke-Free Environment

If You have pets quickly separate their place and clean your home. Make separate baby room live their with your baby. Don’t let your pet come near to your baby pet has germs in their furry skin. The termites and bugs bring to your baby from them. So Avoid pets from your baby is Innocent, pure and weak to fight extreme Diseases and infections of germs.

Avoid smoking in front of your baby it will learn to smoke. On the other hand he is so little and new in this world he can’t fight with allergies of smoke of cigarettes. It would be really sensitive to him. He need safe Environment.

This is How to Prepare Yourself for Labor and Delivery, And i hope this Article Helps, in case of any questions, please write in the comments.


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