How To Grow Hair Fast Home Remedies | Naturally in Two Weeks

How To Grow Hair Fast Home Remedies

Nature is strange. Here are some Simple Fast natural Tips for How To Grow Hair Fast Home Remedies

Treatment For Hair Growth:

• Take fenugreek one tea spoon.
• Mash it in dry place.
• Keep it your Oil Bottle which you apply daily in your scalp or head.
• It recover your skin of head and stimulate the hair growth without side effects in few weeks.

How To Grow Hair Fast Home Remedies

Damaged Hair Recovery to Long Hairs:

• Apply coconut oil in your hairs at night.
• Comb your and fold them to let oil diffuse in hair roots actually.
• Take shower next day and wash your hairs by shampoo.

How To Rid of Dandruff:

How to get rid of Dandruff

• Take a towel big enough to cover your entire head.

• Submerge the towel in hot water for a few minutes and take it out.

• Wring out the excess water, wait for a minute or two till the towel becomes warm. (Do not put an extremely hot towel on your head).

• Cover your head with towel for about 15-20 minutes and remove.

• Also You can use 2 tablets of Crushed Aspirin with your Shampoo. to rid of Dandruff.

How to get rid of Dandruff

How To Make Hair Silky:

• Mix Mayonnaise, egg, yogurt and oil of same ratio.
• Mix 3 table spoon onion juice in it.
• Apply in hairs for 15 minutes.
• Wash with shampoo and get weight less hairs.

How To Straighten Hair:

How To Make Hair Silky

• Mix Yogurt, Coconut oil and creamy choclate or choclate spread in equal ratio.
• Apply in curly hairs for 1 hour.
• Wash by shampoo and get straight hairs.

How To Curl Hair:

How To Curl Hair

• Wash your hairs in begining of your day.
• Apply Rollers in wet hairs or make 10 parts of hairs and make twist of every part in wet hairs for a whole day.
• At time of remove rollers or hair clips apply haur spray then remove clip, hair pin or rollers.
• Enjoy the party with curly hairs.

How To Get Rid of Lice:

How To Get Rid of Lice

• Apply the shampoo.

• Comb your hairs in shampoo.

• All lice slipped out by sliding of your comb due to sleepery surface of hairs during shampoo application.

• For more lice treatment Click Here


“God created Hairs on head only to fulfill the requirement of oil to brain, oil reach to the brain through the roots of hair, Hairs are the Passage in Actual”


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