Muslim Americans Wear Hijab | Pros and Cons | Scientific Reasons

Muslim Americans Wear Hijab

Muslim Americans Wear Hijab Back in February 2017 they walked in the shoes of Muslim women by wearing a hijab. They Celebrated World Hijab Day to spread Hijab Awareness. So the question rises, Why? Why Hijab is that necessary? What does Science say about Hijab? What are the Pros and Cons for wearing Hijab?

Today you will know all answers from above questions. We are going to mention you about thought provoking information Hijab Purpose. Be broad minded person and think that scarf purpose is not only for narrow minded specific people or Muslims which are known to be terrorists while they are not. Head scarf is necessary for Women due to some proved reasons.

Some people believe that there are a lot of harmful effects of take Hijab.


“Hijab in Christian Religion”

According to Bible

Muslim Americans Wear Hijab which has increased the awareness in Christian Society. “go to church decently attired, with natural step, embracing silence, possessing unfeigned love, pure in body, pure in heart, fit to pray to God. Let the woman observe this, further. Let her be entirely covered, unless she happens to be at home. For that style of dress is grave, and protects from being gazed at. And she will never fall, who puts before her eyes modesty, and her shawl; nor will she invite another to fall into sin by uncovering her face. For this is the wish of the Word, since it is becoming for her to pray veiled.”

“Hijab in Jewish Religion”

According to Holy Torah verses: “Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac. She got down from her camel and asked the servant, ‘Who is that man in the field coming to meet us?’ ‘He is my master,’ the servant answered. So she took her veil and covered herself.” (Genesis 24:64-65) which leads Muslim Americans Wear Hijab.

Disadvantages of Hijab 100% Proven

1. Vitamin D Deficiency

Women thought there due to minimum intake of sunlight the women become Vit D deficient patient which effect calcium intake. As a matter of fact they are not strong as uncovered women. The Solution is also found to them: They should avoid Scarf in homes with their known family member but shouldn’t avoid at outside with unknown. So they can take sunlight from homes open launch area.

2. Gym Avoiding Activity

If due to Yashmak, long strollers, long coats they have to avoid gyms and exercise. Then no problem they can use women gyms or can do yoga or exercise in their homes. Also they can put off their Yashmak having reached gym.

Muslim Americans Wear Hijab

3. Increasing Dandruff

Scarfed women mostly face dandruff and hair damage issue so the solution is that you should avoid tie scarf tightly and avoid scarf when you have wet hairs after shampoo, let them fully dry then tie scarf.

Value & Importance

A man asked an Old Man “Why your women take scarf?”
He Answered:.
“If you leave a sweet unpack you observe ants eats it easily and microbes attacks freely too. And both distract it, similarly Muslim Americans Wear Hijab which is also a protection for a Muslim Women Society”.

10 Advantages of Hijab

1. Brain Protection

Protecting of head is even more important in warm weather. V.G. Rocine, a prominent brain research specialist, has found that Brain Phosphorus melts at 108 degrees; a temperature that can be easily reached if one stays under the hot sun for any length of time without a head covering. When this happens, irreversible brain damage, memory loss and loss of some brain functions can result.

2. Sun Exposure

When You cover your hairs you are prevented from Sun harmful radiations which effects your skin become darker.

3. Prevent Breast Cancer

When You Cover your chest area from direct sun rays the hormones which cause Cancer in your breasts remains deactive. Untill sun is exposed directly your chest and the cancer cause hormones become active.

4. Represent Purity

Scarf is now has become a symbol of purity for a women. Men respect more the Hijabi Overed girls instead of Uncovered Girls.

5. Heat loss from head

Research says Heatloss from head is necessary for a human being to remain his body temperature cool down and the Scarfed women has this activity in their body due to heat loss from head.

5. Food Worker

It is included in world wide manners of cover your head before cooking. The purpose is to prevent your food from hairs because the chefs which have hair loss problem mostly hair appeared in their food which is looking dirty.

6. Pollution Protection

Mostly people are sick of damaging hairs quickly if they cover their hairs while go to outside from their homes the issue can be solved due to protect from dust of pollution.

7. Cold Protection

In winter the fully packed people remain safe from flue and cold while uncovered and unpacked become quickly ill.

8. Protection from Harassment

Mostly women their standard become low with scarf but they don’t know they are protected alot from wild actions. specially women who live in lower class Poor and cheap society become saved by scarf.

9. Economy Issues

Women which use scarf they don’t face the issue of hairstyling and jwellery matching while other face this issues.

10. Protection from paranormal activities

On the other hand People believe that the bad spirits and ghost which lives on trees and active at night come quickly in love with Uncovered beautiful Long hairs then they don’t let women alone to marry to anyone. The covered and scarfed women become safe from them due to its “Scarf”.

“Countries Banned Hijab”


Unfortunately some countries banned on scarf and stroller because people take negative advantage of their scarf they cover their mouth to hide their identity and do their terrifying crimes freedomly. And A large number of women is unable to get benefits of Scarf.

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