Did You Know That Plants Can Tell Time | Is this a Miracle or Science?

HOW plants Can tell time? Isn’t it Sound Weird?

Yes there is a new study found that plants can tell time. by adjusting their daily circadian rhythm to the cycle of 24 hours. by measuring the amount of sugars in their cells.

But Question rises, How can a plant tell time?

Can you imagine?

Nature shows many miracles..


can plants tell time

we all know that plant are considered as in the category of living being. But they are not supposed to be a machinery while a clock is processed by the help of a a machine, battery or cell. three pins to indicate the hour, minute and second of time and 12 numbers. Furthermore a when a clock works without battery or cell then it works by the help of electricity. Even more science is upgraded a clock is worked without battery cell and electricity. when it is in touch with the nerve beat of wrist actually it is a wrist watch. that is how Plants Can Tell Time.

Plants tell the Time:

A platform where we are standing it is full of strange and wonders. Technology evolved a lot and inventions are getting more update and advance form to moderanise our life style. in a very simple way but with a very upgraded gadgets which are developed.

Biological Clocks in Plant

can plants tell time

well if we want to know how Plants Can Tell Time. come to the point that in actual does a plant can tell the time or it can be used to check the time or not?. Actually to understand the reality get the knowledge about biological clock. or circadian rhythms. what are circadian rhythms actually?. Are they at type of battery in cell? no, they are not battery, cell, solar, nerve beat or electricity. typically they are alarms and shows alarm activity in the plant body.

On the other hand, only this activity not present in plant body every living body. even human or animal body condition and internal environment of body organization has its biological cycle.

Discovery of Circadian Rhythms:

Discovery of Circadian Rhythms

A new discovery by Team of Bristol university scientists is given. The cycle of the Day and night adjusts the circadian rhythms of plant. by measuring the amount of sugar in the body of their cell.

What are the circadian rhythms?

Did you know any biological process that displays an endogenous, oscillation of about 24 hours. These 24-hour rhythms are driven by a circadian clock. They have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi, and cyanobacteria. The plant circadian clock allows organisms to anticipate the predictable changes in the environment. by adjusting their developments and movements Circadian rhythms in plantsCircadian rhythms are observable biological oscillations that occur with a 24-hour periodicity. They are based on an endogenous transcriptional clock. which itself is reinforced by environmental cues such as variations in light and temperature.

Did You know?

The circadian clock is an intricate, even delicate, regulator of plant physiology. yet at least one of the selective pressures and also In this Update. I will focus on how these and other findings have advanced our understanding. of the molecular basis of the circadian clock in plants. Plant circadian rhythms are generated by a series of interlocking feedback loops of RNA (ribonucleic acid). and protein expression that respond to environment.

Can a plant Play role in Agriculture?

Moreover it has its importance in both fields in agriculture as well as medicine. For instance Crops domestication contributes the changes in circadian rhythms. In fact plant body adjust the timing so it stays tuned with environment. Bristol member found that plant obtain sugar by the photosynthesis sense. which leads the plant to fall in rhythm for energy provision throughout the day.

Did you know the sugar helps in continuously rhythms?

The member of Bristol school of biological sciences university Dr Antony Dodd discovered. According to him their findings show the first mechanism in plants. that shifts the circadian rhythm backwards or forwards to synchronize it with the environment. Plant continuously calculating the sugar amount present in the cell. to make required adjustments plant uses its information. plant need these rhythms to be correctly synchronize with the day and night timing to match the time of the day.


Example of Plant tell the time

can a plants tell timeFor Example these rhythms control the time when plant grow. when plant flower open and release scent. allow plant to reserve fully energy and do not starve in the night.

Circadian rhythm also helps to detect the changing in the seasons and mature in correct season. which is beneficial to our crops.


To summarize the According to research:

The Mechanism discovery synchronize the plant clock with the time in environment has identified a new process. This Process could be exploited in future to improvement of crop performance.



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