17 to 20 Weeks Pregnant, Baby Growth is Twice in 5 months Pregnant

Your Baby’s Development and Changes Need Your Attention when you are 17 to 20 Weeks Pregnant.

When you’re 5 months pregnant, you are in the Middle of your pregnancy. You are 16 weeks Pregnant and your Body is going through with many changes. In this article we will have a study of your 5 months of pregnancy week by week, Fetal Developments and growth. That starts from when you’re 17 Weeks pregnant until when you’re 20 weeks pregnant. We hope you get all your answers here concerning 5th month of pregnancy.




17 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the 17th week of your pregnancy. In this Week, your baby is nearly a size of a PEAR. Finally when you are 17 weeks pregnant your baby’s growth and development has following changes.

Ears are fully formed, & Functional, and they are already on the right position.

Height has reached 5 inches weight of up to 5 ounces.

Mostly Women suffer with body aching and body swelling during this time. The swelling and aching occur because of the major changes in your body. It is also said that Swelling and Aching is a side effect of medicines that make you feel so uncomfortable.

When you’re 5 months pregnant. Fetal growth and development has doubled the speed since last weeks. The skin layer is gaining Fat on it which makes its skin thicker. Your placenta nourishes your baby that allows it to gain its size and weight. Fetus moves easily in womb because the size is smaller. By the time he or she grows bigger the space in your womb will become tight and the movement will be reduced in contrast.



18 weeks pregnant

So you are 19 Week, your baby is nearly a size of a Sweet Potato. Finally when you are 18 weeks pregnant. The major development & growth in the fetus is the production of Nerve Cells.

  • Your baby’s Brain, Spinal Chords, and nerves get boost from the protective shell called Myelin.
  • Your baby’s Size is about 5.5 Inches with weight of up to 7 ounces.
  • Inner Ear is fully functional. So your baby can hear you.

During the period of 5 months pregnancy, Women becomes more beautiful and her Skin starts glowing. Some people believe that When Your Skins starts to glow that means you are expecting a Baby Boy. Similarly if skin does not Glow bright that means you are expecting to have a baby girl. because Baby girl steals your beauty to appear more prettier after birth.

When you’re 5 months pregnant. People used to check the chart called “Chinese Gender Chart” the 80% answer is right. Anyways the baby size is like to a Bell pepper in this week.



20 weeks pregnant

Hi Mommy, if you’re 19 weeks pregnant. At the 19th week, your baby is about the size of a Heritage Tomato.

One of the most important fetal Development in the production of Vernix Caseosa. Its also known as vernix. is the waxy and a cheese-like white substance found coating the skin of New born Babies.

The 5 Senses in your baby is specializing by the 19th week.


Most importantly, When you’re 5 months pregnant. women observes that her hair starts to grow twice the speed since before. Your hair are getting thicker while some moms face hair-damage and hair fall. Well, positive change come due to efficient intake of Nutrition.



20 weeks baby size

Hi Mommy. Now you are Half way to your Pregnancy Week by Week. When you are 20 weeks pregnant your Gynecologist should suggest you a Routine Ultrasound. This Test is mandatory in 20 weeks pregnant. because All the Developments of your Baby by 20th week is Completed. Also with the help of Ultrasound your Doctors may confirm you a Gender of your baby.

  • Size of your baby is about 10 inches, and it weights about 10.5 ounces.
  • White Fats which will be responsible for Pinchable cheeks are still developing.
  • Nails of your baby is getting stronger.

Be Aware that you should be feeling Baby’s movements Baby kicks by now.! if you are not feeling such movements then it is dangerous. Your Gynecologist will ask you to start counting every single movement of your baby in your womb. Within 24 hours, if the kicks (Movements) are less then 10 times then it is serious, and you may consult with your doctor..

Baby kicks and movements are the signs of complete nervous system of your baby. Size of a baby of this week is Artichoke.



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