Early Signs of Pregnancy – 1st Trimester 1-12 week Do’s and Don’ts

In this Article you will be able to know what are the Early signs of Pregnancy. What is happening inside your body during the 1st trimester weeks. How babies develop in the womb. How to have a Successful Pregnancy Week by Week. Early Signs of Pregnancy symptoms appears.

Early Signs of Pregnancy – 1st Trimester weeks

signs of pregnancy

when you conceived a strong alive cell of sperm with the Egg exists in ampulla of fallopian tube.

They meet and produce Zygote Cell. After that it converts into embryo then the further developments occur and gradually a human baby is formed inside the womb. And after the formation, baby grows under the mother’s womb till the delivery.


Check this Article because it explains the Feeling when you get pregnant for the First time in your life. Although its an unexpressable feeling but you should know What are the Do’s and Don’ts for the Initial Pregnancy weeks, Things you should not do during pregnancy are more important than the things you should do.


Many Moms do not even know that they are Pregnant in 1 month pregnant period. Many of the moms do smoke and drink. And because they do not know if they were pregnant. they keep on harming their little one who is actually alive inside them.

So we have brought a complete guide with the Pregnancy Symptoms for First month Pregnant moms. from 1 week Pregnant to the 4 Weeks Pregnant.


2 months pregnant moms must read this. Because that is the month when your Baby’s HEART starts BEATING..

You should know what to eat, How to keep your baby healthy. When to go to the Gynecologist for the Heart Beat test? and many more.

Your Baby’s Heart should start BEATING by the End of 4 weeks pregnant. Some times when a Heart beat does not come. your doctor asks you to come back again in 7 to 10 days. They also give you some medicines which helps Baby to grow fast. And by the course of 3 months pregnant period. you successfully listen to the Heartbeat of your Baby for the first time. See more pregnancy symptoms:


Congratulations to you! If you are 3 months pregnant mom. You have reached this Far where your Little baby has started developing itself 2 times faster since previous month. Nervous System, Brain, Eyelid, Upper lips, Fingers. Nails, Nose and many other Organs are fully Formed.

Now as your Baby has started growing faster. you may feel many changes within your body. So what are the major Challenges you face in the course of 12 weeks pregnant? You get all your Answers well elaborated and explained here:

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