5 Weeks – 8 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

5 Weeks to 8 Weeks Pregnant Moms

Congratulations! You just entered in the second month of your Pregnancy. In this article you’ll be able to know the Pregnancy Symptoms week by week. Similarly as you have entered in the month 2. So we will tell you How your Baby at 5 weeks pregnant all the way to the Baby at 8 weeks Pregnant look like.

Because I know that the Fetal changes in your body does not make you feel comfortable. Because of this You are looking for an appropriate guide that tells you the complete Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week as well we will tell you the things that you NEVER do during 5 Weeks to 8 Weeks Pregnancy.



Well, if you are 5 Weeks Pregnant, your baby is still Teeny-Tiny. And its growing very fast. In the 5th week of pregnancy blood transfusion of Heart and Other Organs development has begin in the tiny Fetus.

Now you have entered in the world of pregnancy. And you need to change your life style. First of all, make some addition to you daily meals, take the food according to the need of fetus health.

Here comes an important part, You are just a 5 weeks pregnant. You should now Cut down your Smoking and Vine consumption. You may reduce it immediately and by the time you are 8 weeks pregnant. you should not be smoking a single cigarette by then.

Take Orange (A fresh Orange & Natural juice) It is highly helpful for brain development and Nervous System. It is said that as soon as you feel pregnancy symptoms. You may start a proper intake of orange juice early in the morning daily. During the Pregnancy week by week you will change the eye color of baby.



If you are 6 Weeks Pregnant, Your Tiny-Little baby is now a Size of a Pea.

Many times the women’s body does not express the Pregnancy Symptoms neither Signs of Pregnancy. But many women get to know about their Pregnancy in the sixth week. And after entering in it the symptoms are expressed Like Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach Cramping.

During the Pregnancy week by week women become more active. And on the other hand some of them become more lazy and tired, Its all about the matter of Natural structure of your body. So if you get tired during the pregnancy more than usual. There is nothing to worry ladies.


A Curved shape of Fetus Helps it building up its Back Bone, Spine and other parts. Besides this Some people believe that activeness and laziness are the Gender Signs of your baby.As per that theory if you are more active than usual then the gender sign would refer to Baby girl similarly if you feel more tired and sleepy as the pregnancy symptom then it would refer to be a Baby Boy!



What happens in your body when you are 7 weeks pregnant?

  • The mouth is Forming
  • Nervous System is developing
  • Eyes & Ears are being noticeable

There are no such changes occur in the physical body of women. Because It is the time for uterus growth.

Pregnancy Symptoms week by week changes. Be aware that Moms at the 7 weeks pregnant with twins may be more likely to feel nausea and have vomiting. Because they likely have high levels of the hormones that cause morning sickness.

Your baby has doubled in size comparing last week and if we measure. Its a half an inch longer. You should take Vitamins required for the healthy growth of embryo. A healthy embryo size vary from 0.44 inch to 0.52 inch by this time.

Sometimes the moms who are 7 weeks pregnant feel morning sickness everyday. Folic Acid is necessary to sure the fetus as well as for proper growth. sometime the lacking in Folic Acid’s consumption causes formation disorder in the backbone of baby.



What happens in your body when you are 8 weeks pregnant?

  • Eyelids are developing and growing larger
  • Nose is becoming pointy (Tip of Nose)
  • Upper Lip curves are forming

You are now 8 weeks pregnant Mother. This is the time to focus on you and only you. Do some activities which are good to make you stress free. Such as take your dog for a walk etc. Make your self very happy from now onward. Because your Baby is growing faster, and it is starting to read your Happiness and Sadness.

Make a diet chart in which you add the foods you love to eat. Those Foods which you like to eat are Healthier for baby’s growth so you can include them in your routine.

Some women could not eat much more which other advice them to eat. So it is not necessary to eat a lot or eat for two of you. But take multiple meals in every 2 to 3 hours. Milk, guava, pear and water melon (red melon) is necessary.


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Are you 8 weeks Pregnant?

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