“3rd Trimester Week by Week” 27-40 Week Strict Care is needed for Mother!


It contain last three months means month 7 to 9 and last 13 weeks from week 27 to 39.


Twenty Seven Week:

You have entered in a period in which the formation and development is over physically of your baby only growth is observed now. Be aware to meal which you take every meal should be regular and on time so you can take vitamins on time. Every meal effect you and your baby. Avoid oily,fried and junk food. Weight is gained around 250 grams.

Baby is making connection with outer environment by connected your body through umblical cord. The size of baby is similar to egg plant fruit. You may feel difficulty in breathing because baby is grew and stucked upto your ribs and lungs.
Twenty eighth Week:

Mostly women face alot of dificulty while homchors because of gain weight and heavy womb. Goodnews is that your baby is now able to hear outer every voice and eyes has been completed to work baby can open his eye to watch. If you sing a lullaby to your baby the baby enjoy this and after come in the world he will sleep by this lullaby.

If the baby disturbed under your womb moves alot and do not set you can make him relax by walk. Anyways the size of your baby is like to a Acorn Squash.

Twenty Nineth Week:

Now your baby gained 1.8 kg weight and 19 inch in length. Size is reached upto cocumber. weight will be double of present weight of your baby at birth time.

You can feel strong kick from now. Be active and take vegatable espeacially take salads in meals to get nutrition for you and your baby especially water melon make your baby beautiful and pretty.


Thirtieth week:

Mood swings. Dont be worried about gained weight. Morning walk is necessary for you. if you tired so take some break then continue. Yoga is best in this condition. Relaxation is also good. Baby is going to be grew and healthy.

A healthy mother can give birth a healthy baby so take some fear free classes which are organized by medical organizers and institude. Any ways the baby size reached upto a Pineapple Fruit.


Thirty One Week:

Mostly Women want to eat tasty foods in this period. Cereals with tasty sour Gravy should be taken to change the taste of routine dishes. You feel acidity so take small meals in many times at a day, also Drink milk and shakes for baby”s health.

Bones of fetus are become hard. Baby also drink amniotic fluid as his food. Size of baby is reached upto squash..

Thirty Two Week:

Your baby is now become active and able to play, no matter where he is! remember Play is suited to babies and make them more cute similarly your umblical cord is not only a connection between you and your him for nutrition transference it more than that for him! it is play toy for him. He or she plays with it to pass his time.

Your baby is growth continuesly occurs. In this stage he become trained to physical activities, his size reached upto Coconut fruit.

Thirty Three Week:

The Baby drinks your amniotic fluid and urinates in this fluid into your womb. Again he drink this fluid and again he urinates. Actually the urine of him is not waste material of his body He perform this activity to be habitual of drink and urinate.

Sometime baby digest out his waste material in stool form in this fluid and drink this water. This is danger zone, operation ia necessary for delebrately artificial birth to survive the baby. In 33 week baby size is reached upto large pinapplet fruit.

Thirty Four Week:

According old minded people the time is over in this stage and they started expectation of birth at any time Never the less birth of the baby in this time is not proper and perfectly take place baby is called pre mature in this time. Lungs are not in properly working in time.

Baby size in this week similar to Buttetnut squash. Be carefull about Proper movement and kicks.

Thirty Fifth Week:

Be aware about your choices and mood! The women which become disturbed snd swinged mood they give birth same baby all life he or she tease mother by disturbed and swinged mood.

Any ways good news is that there is only few weeks are to welcome your baby. Baby size is reached upto a Honey drew.


Thirty Sixth Week:

Now you are suggested to eat hot meals and fruits by which your baby comes in pelvic area for easy birth.

Doctor suggested an ultrasound to verify the position of baby if it is true for birth it is best while it is false also it is not bad in the end he will get true position. Baby size is similar to Swiss card in this week.


Thirty Seven Week:

Doctor is suggested to a long slow walk to you because by help of much more walk it comes in down your pelvis and natural easy dilivery would be possible.

Doctor strictly denies the turn your back and lay beside by this moves umblical cord can stuck throughout the throat of your baby which cause. Baby size is reached up to a SWinter Melon in this week.

Thirty Eight Week:

Mostly women face dilivery in this week which is not more Harmful but also not so good. For quick natural Healthy baby dilivery take dates on daily basis atleast 6 to 8 dates in a day if you are not diabetic! if you are thrm avoid every type of sweet then take 4 to 5 dates per day.

Take your vitamins in time and hot soup. Avoid cold water and cold drink incase you suffer an operation and cough is also take place then it pressurise your stiches and damage it. Your baby size is similar to pumpkin in this week.

Thirty Nine Week:

Yoga, keggling, squatting and swimming greatly helps in quick dilivery it sets the position of baby in down pelvic area.

Stay hydrated throughout the pregnancy, apply olive oil to your vegina on daily basis, both method loosens your muscles for opening the cervical area for baby withdraw at dilivery time. In this week baby size is reached upto Red Melon or Water melon.


Fourtieth Week:

Prepare yourself to welcome your baby, be excited to set up her or his room. Dont be Scared and Afraid due to painful dilivery stories of others.

Take properly your iron snd calcium so that you have already enough blood to survive and to face no emergency to buy blood due to urgent defeciency in baby or mother. Now your baby is ready to come in the world from your womb, its size is similar to Big Jack Fruit. Now Ready to loose heavy weight and leave heavy womb! in the result of cute Newborn in your arms. Best of Luck!


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