Pregnancy Symptoms 1 to 4 Weeks of Pregnancy. Must Know

First 4 weeks of Pregnancy are very important for Fetal Development, It starts from the Pregnancy Symptoms, when you notice the Early signs of Pregnancy i.e feeling tired, feeling bloated, peeing more than usual, mood swings, nausea, and tender.

So here starts the Journey of Fetal development, it grows week by week. A beautiful natural developments occur body. But a tiny Fetal may need a mother care in the First Trimester. Which is only possible if you understand of “signs of Pregnancy”, because right now you need to understand many “pregnancy symptoms” during first month of Pregnancy.

So lets highlight some major Developments and Precautions during first 4 weeks of Pregnancy.

Developments During 1st Month of Pregnancy

one Week Pregnant:

(pregnancy symptoms)

During first week of pregnancy symptoms, there are many changes occur in your body which is considered to be the initial pregnancy symptoms. You might have done a Strip test for pregnancy so far, Right? If not then You may check How to use Pregnancy Test Strips by Clicking here.

pregnancy symptoms & signs of Pregnancy in First Week:

Nausea, Vomiting, Urine again and again. The taste of mouth become too bitter, You will not be able to taste any food, except the sour items in Early pregnancy symptoms.


Fetal Developments in first week

Right after the conception, the fertilized egg travels through the Fallopian tube to the womb and implants in the uterus lining. The egg then divides into a bunch of multiple cells and forms an embryo during the first week of conception, And with these changes in your body you can easily recognize the pregnancy symptoms.

two Weeks Pregnant:

Due to the changes in your body the Symptoms continues to be the same in the 2nd week of Pregnancy. But in addition to Tiredness, Fever, Hand Swelling and Sometimes legs Swelling as well and headache become the common pregnancy symptoms.

two weeks pregnancy symptoms

Fetal Developments in second week

In the 2nd week, Ovulation process continues and now Embryo life begins in the womb. Due to this, you’ll feel cramps inside your abdomen or womb. During the initial weeks as the Embryo is so little as well as it exists at the very bottom of your abdomen, It is recommended to Rest as Best as Possible. You need to Rest a lot during the first Month. The right time to start the rest is the time when you find the early signs of Pregnancy, This is for the sake of Survivor of your baby, So ladies be serious.

You may take a guide with you Pregnancy doctor and mention the pregnancy symptoms what you’re feeling inside your body. And i can guarantee if you continue to take your Pregnancy guide from ZebraHOW Platform you will not need any Pregnancy Guide Books.

three Weeks Pregnant:

The more time passes by, the more you can observe the changes inside your body during the 3rd week of pregnancy.

3 weeks pregnant

Fetal Developments in third week

Now the Egg is in uterus, not in Fallopian tube anymore. There, it will stay into the uterine wall to make its Home for the next nine months. You should take care of yourself not only you, but care for a life living baby present inside your womb. Diet plays a key role in managing all . Every medicine should be taken, Must take permission of your doctor! Food you are taking should also be with your doctor’s advise, You may continue to feel the same “pregnancy symptoms” until 2 months.

four Weeks Pregnant:

You are standing at the end of First month of your pregnancy, In the 4th week of Pregnancy.

Fetal Developments in fourth week

Your baby is about the size of a poppy seed, He or She? yes the Gender of your Baby is developing in this period. Every women wishes that she has a healthy baby with No lacking or defects. To fulfill this dream it is necessary to take best care of your fetus (baby under womb). Fourth week is very important for a fetal development.

In this week the uterus size becomes a size of a pigeon’s egg. Fertilized egg reach into uterus and fertilized egg growth starts to become an embryo. In this stage women should avoid Papaya, hot coffee, cold drink, boiled egg, hot soup.

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Hello Young Moms, which week are you in? Has the Early signs of Pregnancy appear to you? What are your pregnancy symptoms? Must tell me in the “comments” we love to spread the knowledge about everything we know.


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