5 Most Rare Animals in the World | Shocked or Surprised?

The planet Earth contains many beautiful animals in it, many of them we already know about because we have seen them physically. There are many more we found hidden in the forest and we have seen them on TV. But there are some Extremely “Rare animals in the world” who are hardly seen on earth, they have very less existence in fact, you must have never heard of them either but they actually exist, it is said that those animals will be vanished from this planet very soon because there generations are almost obsoleted.

We have collected and explored some interesting information about some very Rare Animals and Ranked them from #05 to #01 lets take a view and study about their Uniqueness ranking wise.

#5. Okapi

Wonder if it is Horse? or a Zebra? well here comes  an OKAPI a beautiful animal, most of you must be seeing this creature for the first time, In order to understand why we put this animal in our “Rare animals in the world” List, we have to go back to ancient Egypt in 20th century they used to called “African Unicorn” and today it is called as Okapi. in 1887, Henry Morton found this animal in the forest of CONGO and he named it “Atti”. Today that animal is also called Okapi.

Beautiful zebra linings on the legs and Head like a Giraffe. A creature seems to be the same species as it’s ancient fossils has no closed living relatives, Hence it could be considered to be a distant cousin of Giraffe family.

#4. Tarsiers

rare animals in the world

Tarsiers are found only in the islands of South-east Asia. The countries including Philippines, Combodia, Thailand and Indonesia are known to carry these adorable animals in their wild. Their big adorable eyes are each the size of their Brain, their cuteness overloads when we see these little dudes in real, they are only 4 to 6 inches taller but their legs are twice the size of the torso.

These little animals are completely carnivorous they eat insects i.e Bugs by jumping on their targets, they also eat birds, bats, lizards, and snakes.
Tarsiers are impossible to breed in captivity which results their availability so rare and this is why these cute animal is on our ranking list.

#3. Golden Tabby Tiger

rare animals in the world

This is one of the amazing discovery, A Golden Tabby Tiger sometimes also called an Strawberry Tiger, this type of tigers can only be found in the captivity. The yellowish and orange color is the result of a recessive gene in them, these type of tigers are available very few in number. These tigers are generally seen in their lineage somewhere. This type of tiger has been in existence as far back as the early 1900s.

This could be a strange fact for you to read that the occurrence of these golden tigers are tied to the areas where a heavy concentration of clay in the soil is found. According to the latest research we found that the existence of these tigers are very limited and statistics tell that there are less than 30 of these tigers known in existence in this world, therefore it comes on ranking #3 in our “Rare animals in the world” list.

#2. Yangtze River Dolphin

rare animals in the world

We all love Dolphins very much but we are doing nothing to save their existence, One of the generation from dolphin’s family has been almost extinct. Therefore we have put this beautiful creature in our Rare Animals List.

These dolphins also called Chinese River Dolphins, the White-fin Dolphins, and the Yangtze Dolphins. The cause of their extinction is China’s industrialization. Back in 2006 the researchers after a long research declared that the existence of River Dolphins has not been found, as they were unable to find any of these Mid-Size Dolphins, But a year later in August 2007 a Chinese researcher (a photographer) captured few images of the same river dolphins again after which it was concluded and declared that these dolphins still exists and almost 13 Yangtze River Dolphins left in the world.

#1. Pinta Island Tortoise

rare animals in the world

The surprising fact about Pinta Island Tortoise is that there is only ONE Survivor left from its generation on this planet so here is the Ranked 1 “Rare animals in the world“.

The Scientists and Researchers gave it a name as “George”. George is about 100 years old as of now, and of course all he is missing right now is a mate. In fact, in order to save their generations the sources have reported that there is up to $10,000 reward to the one who finds a female mate for George. This could be a good step to save George’s generations.

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