Which is Smarter Dogs or Cats? | Science has Answered that You might not like!

Cats and Dogs have been Amazing pets since a decayed, if you are wondering which one is smarter Dogs or Cats, then you are on the right page, This article tells you how Genius your Dogs and Cats are, and how the Science has answered about the intelligence of the two creatures.

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According to the experiments that scientists accomplished, the answers created waves in the pet’s world when it declared that dogs might have a higher intelligence over cats, Dogs can feel and sense its owner’s actions better than Cats could do. But don’t jump into the conclusions so Fast.

Bulldog and Cat Facing Off

As a result of some other experiments, the studies have shown that the mathematical abilities are lesser in dogs, in contrast to that wolves are great with counting, Similarly few other “smart” animals like fish and frogs, according to new research, they are able to count. although there are uncountable researches and experiments that has been done with house cats.

Cats are moody, therefore its too difficult to control Cats with the lab environment, So when they feel like it they help you with the experiment which includes the assessing the intelligence of Cats, the tests ask Cats to count or make logical deductions, Cats can not stop being Cats they are totally unhelpful

On the other side Dogs have some very special abilities that makes them so special and unique, here are few:

Dogs understand BODY LANGUAGE & gestures

understanding gestures

Dogs are smart enough to understand the human’s body language and Act instantly with the amazing understanding level. You can simply understand it like a Children and a Dog start with the same level, i.e if you point to an object, both the Dog and the Child will be able to interpret with the hand movement and find the object.

Not only the Body language but Dogs are so efficient to understand the human’s Non Verbal Behavior, If someone attacks on you, Dogs will understand your non verbal gesture and stand before you to save you at any cost.

Dog brains react to human voices

dog reacts to human voice
dog reacts to human voice

There was a study in the journal Current Biology took Dog’s MRI scans for Brain, and they listened to the verity of multiple Human and Dog sounds.

With that research, researchers found that Dog’s Brain responds immediately when they hear emotional sounds, Such as crying laughing or shouting etc.

This research helps scientists to differentiate Dogs intelligence level with other animals

it concludes to the statement that the Vocal communications and the bond between Human and Dogs is so pure and successful.

Dogs make eye contact

Dogs making eye contact
Dogs making eye contact

Dogs try to build an understanding and sometimes to communicate what they actually want, they make a beautiful eye contact with Human, Although dogs can not speak up but with the “eye contact” they tend to communicate with Humans of what they want to say as well as to understand human’s gestures and act accordingly.

With eye contact, they form a special bond with humans

Dogs special bond with humans
Dogs special bond with humans

Eye Contact has an important effect on both Dogs and human’s brains.

Oxytocin has a Love hormone which is found in Dogs and it helps in building up an special bond, trust and love with Humans.

This is so Strange that this kind of response occurs only between Parents and Children, or may be between romantic partners. “Hare” explains that in dogs we found the same hormonal changes while expressing love and bond with Humans.

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